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Professional Experience:
Freelance storyboard artist working in pencil, pen and ink, marker, and digital.

Storyboards for Feature Films Include:
• “Celebrity” for Sweetheart Productions, Inc. Directed by Woody Allen.
• “The Seven Deadly Sins - Thy Neighbor’s Wife” for Apostle Films. Directed by Denis Leary.
• “The Tears of Julian Poe” starring Christian Slater for Cypress Films. Directed by Alan Wade.
• “Meat in the Freezer” for HBO Films. Directed by Clay Tarver.

Storyboards for Television Series Include:
• “Pete ‘n Pete” for Nickelodeon, four episodes. One directed by Katherine Dieckmann and three directed by Maggie Greenwald.
• “The Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo” for Nickelodeon, four episodes. All directed by Maggie Greenwald.
• “The Invisible Man” pilot episode for Fox TV. Directed by John Patterson. Produced by Dick Wolf and Don Kurt.
• "Benjamin Franklin" and "Alexander Hamilton," "Dolley Madison" for PBS. All directed by Muffie Meyer.
Produced by Middlemarch Films.
• "The Transcontinental Railroad," "The Massie Affair," and "Robert E. Lee" for PBS series, "The American Experience."
  All directed by Mark Zwonitzer. Produced by Hidden Hill Productions. "Robert E Lee" produced by Apograph Productions.
• "Wyatt Earp" for PBS series, "The American Experience." Directed by Rob Rapley for Apograph Productions.
• "Custer's Last Stand" and "The Big Burn" for PBS series, "The American Experience." Directed by Steve Ives for Insignia Films.
• "Edison" for PBS series, "The American Experience." Directed by Michelle Ferrari for Insignia Films.
• "Billy The Kid" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" for PBS series, "The American Experience." Directed by John Maggio for Ark Media..
• "Antietam" for series, "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America" for the History Channel. Directed by Michael Epstein.
  Produced by Viewfinder Productions.

Storyboards for On Air Promos Include:
• Nickelodeon, Nick At Nite, Nick,Jr., NickToons, MTV, Showtime, Comedy Central, Spike TV, Logo TV, and The Movie Channel for Viacom.
• The A&E Network and the History Channel For A&E Television Networks.

Storyboards and Comps For Advertising Include:
• Taster’s Choice, Webster Bank, O-Cedar, DuPont, Denny’s, and I LOVE NY for EUE/Screen Gems, Ltd.
• Pier 1 and Sears for DNA.
• Revlon, Garnier Nutresse, and Wilson’s Leather (Directed by Matthew Rolston) for Venus Films.
• Yellow Book, AXE, and Breathe Right for a W H I T E L A B E L Product.
• Cuervo, ESQ Movado, The Star, and Support for Battered Women campaigns for Arnell Group.
• General Mills, Broadband for America, Association of American Railroads, Virginia Energy, Walmart, Bing, and Penske for SKDKnickerbocker.r.

Animatics Include:
• The Atlantic Savings Bank, three spots directed by Niles Siegel for Wilcox & Associates Advertising Agency.
• Kneehigh P.I. for Comedy Central.